Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The spinning, dazzling, snake-throwing orb has touched down, oh Jesus, oh El Paso, as an e-mail sent to my boss yesterday said, you want to talk shit on the Mars Volta, you best do it out of my earshot.  (Since it was a message to Dave Craib, I should have added "And were it sane to say both their names in the same sentence, I'd add 'Let these motherfuckers show Slipknot what 8 dudes should sound like'.")  

Mssrs. Bixler-Zavala and Rodriguez Lopez, from At the Drive In's first noises through The Mars Volta's current universe-imploding better-than-God status, have now given me reason to get up in the morning for nearly as many years as has Glenn Danzig.  I realize revealing this insults both me and Omar & Cedric, but Owls! knows no filters.  If one or both of them were shoeless before me I would lovingly tongue their soles and coo lush blasphemies.  I would feel like whatever Biblical Jesus Krush Klub member washed her messianical man's feet with scented oil and then dried them with her hair.  (I think that may have given me a boner in grade school, that passage. Nothing like the crucifixion though, of course.)  I would be the nearest I'd get to touching the divine, to filling with divine healing light and benevolently touching all dimensions.  These songs, this "The Bedlam in Goliath" joint released yesterday, forges a cosmos saturated with colors never seen by earthly eye.  No names for these shades, a new spectrum.  A gauntlet thrown & to be frozen forever midair, because no living or future humans will be able to touch this shit.  It shall hover, hover. 

Today's listening party was puncutated with many "What IS this?"s and "What are they even doing???"s.  I feel like I've never heard rock music before.  It is the first rock record ever.  My new calendar begins today, today is day one of After Goliath.  Now we are are A.G.  I am off to sketch a plan for a shrine.
So yes, a freshly distorted and diluted Owls! coughs into existence.  Stop by regularly for blasts of richly-figurative fangirl spew with plenty of dubious metaphor!  Owls!  Volta!


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