Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm thinking of changing the name of this page to Why Don't People Talk About Disembowelment More? "The Tree of Life and Death" was, just minutes ago, almost visible in this room, oozing though the air through the air like an animated algebra problem of heaviness. You think that's a strange and unintelligible analogy, but you haven't listened to Disembowelment lately, have you? Their songs are like a slowly rolling mass of mating anacondas, heaving in the mire, air bubbles taking minutes to reach the surface. Hoo boy. Renato Gallina's vocals really do sound belched out of a sulfurous hellcave, and because the band employed much cleaner production than any other 90's death-grind contenders, it has this nightmare-in-the-surgical-theater feel, harshly lit yet almost too richly textured and detailed. Fucking astonishing. I hate "glossy" production as much as any dirtbag metal fan but Disembowelment's work shows what a more clinical touch can do. Whereas the shitty, murky production of most extreme metal barely illuminates the demons in the corners, chompin' on femurs, in Disembowelment's songs they have a searchlight trained on them, and they're frozen in contorted crouches, leering at us, all gore-besmirched. Good stuff.


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