Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I purchased some Arkansas Black apples today, and they shocked me into realizing I've never not once posted a word about Saviours, nor about their teen-dreem frontman Austin Barber, who came to us from Arkansas to infect the populace with his black gospel of KILL FOR SAVIOURS. The beauty of this band is that their deal, their "message" if you will, can be summed up thus: "Hey, do you guys like metal? Well, here's some kick-ass metal for you." There's no "style" beyond that. They came to rock balls and make you feel sweaty and menaced, and they bring that shit every fucking night. Saviours rule.

Yet it does make me chuckle that people are posting pictures of themselves with bandmembers on Saviours' MySpace page:

Look, here we are in the bathroom line with Austin and Cyrus! It's our brush with fame!

Shit, are they going to be famous? Austin's already been interviewed in bloody Alternative Press, of all the strange venues - but here, read a bit of it anyway:
There's little room for ambiguity with pentagram-adorned artwork and song titles like "Christ Hunt" and "Holy Slaughter." "I've always hated Christians," spits Barber. "I grew up in the Bible Belt, In Arkansas. I was the fucking enemy down there." While the songs and images are provocative, Barber feels more of a kinship with the modern Church of Satan than medieval ideas of devil worship. "I do what I want. It comes from the punk thing as well," he says "I'm a considerate, compassionate person. I live pretty righteously." With the band's musical background, metal purists may be poised to cry, "false metal." Barber doesn't think they can. "I think [ Crucifire ] is the best thing I've done," he says. "I don't think anyone can fuck with it.>"

Indeed not. He puts that really well, actually - whether it's to your taste of not, you certainly cannot fuck with it.

I have only a single criticism to offer the band: Austin needs to hone his metal stance. He needs to show the metal - plant wide those feet, foxy!


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