Sunday, November 26, 2006

If it weren't for Kalle here I might've gone, oh, perhaps several more months without learning that "rock and roll" (noun or verb) is "rokaten ja rollaten" in Finnish, and I do consider that a pretty important piece of information to have. So thanks. But having said that, Kalle, I have some less positive things to add.

Not a girl on earth loves a scumbag with his scumbag jeans riding way too low more than I do, but there are internationally recognized limits for these things. Christ. And really, I know Finns have the worst fashion sense of all Europeans but what's with the "My So-Called Life" Clare Danes hair ? You're not in the only metal band in Finland, you're not completely on your fucking own out there, what is your excuse? And I know it's warmer in "Cali" than you're used to but it's not warm right now so get dressed.


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