Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mastodon's "Leviathan" album came out - Jesus - almost two years ago, somehow, and I've only rarely gone more than 48 hours without listening to at least some of it. I know I'm too breathless about these things but still, the MIGHT of that fucker, the I swear to God literally palpable weight of it. It is fucking palpable - take several bong hits and lie on the floor between two speakers, playing that album hurty-loud, and it pins your goddamn limbs to the hardwood. It limits your lungfuls, your poor ribs strain. And anything you listen to after it has all the heft of a small pile of dry leaves poorly raked up by Gramps*.

*(I cannibalized that there strained and overlong metaphor, the leafpile bit, from a MySpace message I sent a few weeks back, to Aleks of Battleship. In reference to his band. Sometimes I vomit fandom at him inappropriately. Yes! This is the quality of asskissing available to you if I worship your band enough!)

Yeah. "Leviathan". What a beast of an album. Those sons of bitches. And they look this perfect doing it:

It looks heavy as it leaves their bodies, even.


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