Sunday, October 08, 2006

Staggering in after a seven-month absence to post an always-inadvisable Too Many Pills Post:

Watching the Raiders-Niners game right now. God, is there anything the cholesterol-sheened good ol' boys who do television football commentary hate more than excessive niggerishness? The hard-ons these pigs get when Randy Moss drops a pass in the endzone, fuck, nothing pleases their greasy racial consciousnesses more than being able to wax patronizing & paternalistic about players who aren't one of The Good Ones. The flipside of this . . . Lord . . . when they talk about black players who happen to be soft-spoken, or gentlemanly, etcetera . . . oh . . . that's so bad I can't even really touch it here. "You wish your team had fifteen like him," one said recently, of I think LaDainian Tomlinson. OUCH.

All right. Leaving sports for metal, seemingly the only topics I want to post about any more (remember when I'd use this space to talk about language & usage, Current Events, all that? - yeah, I miss that girl too). Hey? Lamb of God? WHAT IS UP with the strippers-in-the-tour-bus motif of the "Redneck" video? Meugh? Wha? From a band whose every lyric, pretty much, is about either violent vengeance or dismantling the American political machine? *Dumb* lyrics, granted, much of the time, but never about goddamn *pussy*. You dicks. Most of you guys are fucking married, too. And you have such great band beards. Strippers on the bus? You hurt me in my heart, dudes.


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