Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Do you know what Lee Madueno said to me a few days ago, after viewing that reallly dreadful documentary about the more famous murderers in Norwegian black metal? He said - I'm making hideously exaggerated faces of mock bafflement as I type this, at him, and he's not here - "You know, back in the day Varg really looked a lot like Chris K." Lee? Were you really pointing that out as something I may not have motherfucking noted? For a year I've been expecting Lee to shout at me in some heated moment "You only like him because he's Varg's non-evil twin!", and he just now hipped himself to the likeness. Well, he'll yell it soon, I expect.

Varg & members of Motorhead - the only guys who can get away with wearing their own band's shirts.


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