Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hails to Figgis for letting me use this in my upcoming black metal photography coffee-table book. Horns facing down, though, for briefly believing me when I said this here blog was called Vegan Gauntlets.

Speaking of dishy horde members. Homepiece here doesn't getting enough credit for overall Nailing It, possibly because his band wears costumes & possibly blush - sorry, y'all do - but dude just leaned out our door to admonish the postman for wrenching open & violently slamming shut our mailbox while shirtless and with a joint in his hand, saying only "People resiiiide here man", and seriously, maybe 1 of 25 listeners would've guessed he moved here from Sweden a month ago. It was all late Sixties Cali stoner, with the stress rising in the middle and trenching at the end & no verbal comma whatsoever between "here" and "man". All of which is a verbose and tiresome way of saying: the 'El gets slept on. Rekkanize it East Bay.


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