Wednesday, December 28, 2005

MAN you know what my v. favorite part about the v. evilest Norwegian black metal is? How a substantial percentage of the songs start with the vocalist making that super-Luciferic evil-vomiting noise, that short, rasped, infernal-retching bark. It kinda always sounds the same, but the venom warms my heart every time. Satyr from Satyricon did it best, in his early days. Hails & all that.

Funny thing about Satyr is, fans know how ridiculously personable and mellow he is. He's Norwegian after all. Pleasant and would love to make party with you, even if you're not a complete fucking Satanist.

Though of course absolutely no one has ever sounded as majestically evil as this child did at the time,

but he had to go and go and muck it up with murder and etc. Varg, you were a Viking jailbait dream come true before all that mess. With that ridiculously sexy scar and all? What splendor you wasted, and good grief the talent. Yet my moral repugnance aside, nice going showing up for court like so -

- just in case anyone missed the Viking part.


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