Thursday, July 15, 2004

[husky with sleep] "H'llo?"

"Hey. I forgot the most important part."


"Of your Sydney funnel-web spider tattoo."

[something unintelligible, likely either a curse or a prayer, muttered into a pillow]

"Hold on, this'll bring it all together. It's rearing up, right, pinwheeling with its pedipalps, and in -"

"What've I said about 'pedipalps'? How do I feel about 'pedipalps'?"

"Hey, I didn't come up with the terminology. Pinwheeling with its . . . grabby things, and in its grasp is not a moth or lizard, but a human heart. Rendered anatomically, not 'heart-shaped'. It's munching this heart, with 'I never meant to hurt you like this' underneath the scene."

[thoughtful silence] "It's . . . a pretty good idea, I have to say."

"You know you're the spider, right?"

"Do we have to reevaluate your phone privileges?"


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