Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I assume that my sophomore English teacher, like most teachers, wanted to leave a lasting impact on his students' lives. And as teachers at my rural high school went, Mr. Keller was good: aware of the world beyond our wee town, quite willing to view his students as nascent adults rather than kiddies, etc. Yet the impact Mr. Keller left on me personally was less than desirable. Whenever we students balked at an assignment, he would assure us that, since we were the honors class, whatever task was currently being kvetched at would be "nice and easy soft and squeezy". This phrase was directed at us at least a couple of times per week. And I shuddered every time. The phrase evoked images of piled diapers, kitten sweatshirts, poorly designed teddy bears with little outfits on, those faintly diabolical salt-water taffy machines. As a result, it to this day comets into my consciousness whenever I hear the phrase "nice and easy" or any use of the word "squeeze" in any form or context at all. Thanks for the enduring revulsion, Mr. K!


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