Thursday, July 08, 2004

My subscription to National Review expires on August 8, and not a moment too soon. A normal person could simply not read magazines that he or she did not wish to read, but I suffer from a condition that forces me to read every word of every periodical that I subscribe to or purchase, regardless of lack of interest or even revulsion. Thus, I've been auto-forced, over the last several months, to slog through hundreds of pages of political commentary that I no longer relate to in any way. Tough condition, that magazine-reading one. However, had I been able not to read these unwanted NR issues, I'd've missed the ad for the apparently real, apparently non-parodical W ketchup. Yeah. So that conservatives can purchase this beloved condiment without further swelling the coffers of the Heinz family. John Kerry's wife being Teresa Heinz. I . . . I'm not even quite sure what to say about that. It's . . . it's a real product, I'm saying.


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