Monday, September 19, 2005

Two unrelated truths:

Previously unerogenous regions of the skin can be gradually eroticized through frequent and determined touch.

It's common, in cultures with arranged marriages, for a genuine romantic and carnal attachment to develop over time, even when neither partner felt much of anything toward his or her spouse at the time of marriage.

Now, smash these two truths together, and what can be read in shocking pink along the result's side, if held up to strong light? Never encourage your heretofore heterosexual boyfriend to repeatedly make out with dudes. Rumor has it things can jacknife on you pretty quick, however much control you originally held. Rumor has it.

Speaking of chrysalises*, this caterpillar is for real.

*The plural of chrysalis can also be - in fact most often is -"chrysalides". Shimmery!


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