Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's socially critical, at the moment, that I not snicker at vegans, and I don't snicker now but I do say: rather a gruel-complected lot, aren't they, generally? Their faintly amphibian wanness worn with acrid self-satisfaction, yeah? Then I was introduced to - I'm not supposed to post a thing about all this but what else - this sort of flushed tender apricots 'n' cream dreamwhip skin, that hickies up if one merely talks dirty next to it, and - I'm not supposed to but what else?

[ Secondary post for metalfolk alone: I'm listening to Burzum's "Lost Wisdom" right now - we're trying to drown out the ***Reggae DJ Night*** (WEEKLY EVENT) at Jamaican Soul, right beneath our feet. Anyway - the "hook" or "riff" of this song: it's actually the inverse of a hook somehow, isn't it? The inverse of catchy or melodic, or maybe it's more like a catchy hook span backward by Satan's actual curling talon. It does hook one, but nonconsensually, by one's unwilling gristle.]


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