Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mike Nichols has a new film coming out, right, "Closer". Good cast, good buzz, but I don't care at all, really. I've got an arbitrary dislike of him and his work. It happens. Yet despite not caring, I have a compulsion toward reading any and all film reviews, completely irrespective of my interest in viewing the movie being discussed. So I've read two of "Closer" so far, and both have made reference to a particular line of dialogue, voiced by Clive Owen's character: "The heart is a fist wrapped in blood." Evidently this line's emblematic of the film's thematic content, to such an extent that compulsive film-review readers can expect to stumble upon it more than once. The problem here? Goddamnit that's my line. I said it first, albeit in a modified form: "His heart's just his third bloody fist", in re. an SOB I'm fond of. It is my line. I want it back.


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