Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Despite my several years as a resident of various lousy neighborhoods, it still never occurs to me that a young, surly man dressed almost entirely in one shade of sporty attire might have a gang affiliation. Instead, I think merely that he's using color boldly, and then I offer him silent sartorial praise or criticism. "Hmm, all white, eh? What are your dry cleaning bills like? And you look like a house painter. Why not add some focus with some well-placed grass green?" "Ooo, nice use of copious baby blue. I appreciate your masculine confidence in such a soft shade. But how about some visual contrast, some yellow somewhere maybe?" I suppose it's just difficult for me to remember that, out of necessity, gangs have moved well past the old days of blue vs. red. With the profusion of micro-turf wars, they've really had to explore unconventional shades. On the one hand, I despise their colossally pointless violence. On the other, I must congratulate an urban tough ready to go with head-to-toe pink (it happens, it truly does), from do-rag to sneakers.


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