Friday, June 18, 2004

From the department of Be Careful What You Wish For: just yesterday, I remarked to a friend with whom I was discussing crows that one never really sees crow chicks, does one. I realized I'd never seen even a picture, and a subsequent Goggle image search didn't turn up much in the way of visual aids. Then, last night - 2 crows, speaking to each other in quite strident tones, all night, on our roof. All night. I was awakened at least half a dozen times. My interpretation? They're nesting up there. On top of my bedroom, basically. (I remind you of the intensely urban nature of my neighborhood, and the resultant dearth of wildlife.) Meaning that I could, with my easy roof access, probably get a good gander at infant crows at some point. Meaning also, due to the incessant cawing, that my sleep will probably be spotty for a few months, because I asked of the universe, Where're the baby crows at? and the universe tittered and decided to deliver them to me.


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