Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Regarding yesterday's post: it may have read like another bout of my ongoing mild megalomania, the idea that someone who happened to glance up at my bedroom window and see me standing there would have a thought of any kind about my appearance. A fair interpretation, giving certain of my patterns. I do have a tendency to think I'm being constantly appraised and judged. In this case, though, I'm able to offer as evidence the following excerpt from an e-mail I received in response to the post (edited only to add proper goddamn civilized capitalization):

"I did see you up there like that once, when I was crossing the street to go into Lanesplitter. You were holding Jigger. You weren't rocking back and forth, but you kinda might as well have been. You were pretty spectral, but not in a cool ghouly way, but sort of maybe like an autistic night janitor."

I'm saying.


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