Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A "mix CD" of mine, consisting largely of Allman Brothers and Lynryd Skynrd songs, has been crudely (and hurriedly by the looks of it, coward) defaced. The disc, formerly unmarked, now bears the Sharpied legend "FUCK THIS SHIT" surrounding a crudely-sketched Confederate flag. Of course this only improves its value to me, but were I inclined to be upset about the vandalism, I wouldn't know at whom to direct my anger, because I know three pricks actively proficient in this sort of advanced anarcho-santimoniousness. I think of them collectively as Professors Faggot Q. Boredom. (Private to one of them: How credible do you feel, as a man with "FUCK CARS" tattooed across your knuckles, begging for so many rides to shows?)


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