Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Driving through the Arizona badlands this weekend, right around Bloody Basin (actual), I saw what I can only assume was the corpse of a chupacabra along the roadside. It was not a dog, nor a peccary/javelina, and that there exhausts the other reasonable mammalian possibilities. (The nature of the fur - patchy, lank, ash-colored, a few inches long - immediately eliminated any feline contenders.) My superstitious traveling partner refused to stop the car, the sissy, so I wasn't able to confirm my suspicions with a closer examination of the carcass. But listen, it was a chupacabra.

That I believe this is bad enough, but what's far worse is that, upon returning to internet-enabled accomodations, I knew exactly which websites to visit in order to view photos of other chupacabra roadkill, for the purposes of comparison. "Which will be better, cryptozoology.com or strangeark.com, hmm . . . " Such knowledge does not enhance my self-image.


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